Representative Projects


Carrefour Hypermarket with 3 underground garages in Gerakas



The hypermarket Carrefour on Marathon Avenue in Gerakas Athens consists of four levels, Ground floor Shopping Area and three basements, of 40.000 m2 total surface.

On the ground floor, at the main entrances of Marathon Avenue, there is a shopping mall and the shopping Area of approximately 10.000 m2.

In the first basement are located the offices, the storage room and the electromechanical rooms together with parking area.

In the second and third basements, there are electromechanical rooms and Parking area.

The total parking area for the three basements covers 950 cars.

All required E/M installations are foreseen for the proper operation of the bulding.

The HVAC of the Hypermarket is accomplished by Roof top Package Units of 500 Refrigerating Tons total capacity.

The Fire Protection pumps have a capacity of 350 m3/h and are UL listed – FM approved complete with all required equipment.

In the first basement of the building, the electrical substation is located, consisting of two transformers 1600 KVA each, one standby generator 1600 KVA, three UPS 60 KVA each and the switchgear.

All operations are automatically controlled through a building management system (BMS).