Representative Projects


Criminal Research Department building of the Hellenic Police at Athenon Avenue


The five-story office building at Athenon Avenue, is intended for the services of the Criminal Research Department of the Hellenic Police and includes 16.000 m2 mainly offices, laboratories such as chemistry lab., exploration lab., DNA lab, photo lab, etc, multipurpose Hall, printing office, restaurant, kitchen, archives and storage area. It includes also 3 basements of parking areas with a total surface of 14000 m2 to cover 270 cars.

The total area of the building is 30.000 m2. All the E/M installations are foreseen including special  installations required for the operation of special rooms.

Main equipment capacity:


Water Supply booster pumping unit Q=3x8,5m3/h, H=8 bar
Water storage : 170m3
Domestic Hot Water : 2 Generators x 2000lt and hot water boiler 200 Mcal/h
Water softener: 1,0m3/h

Fire Fighting:

Fire Fighting Pumping Unit Q=100m3/h, H=9 bar
Water storage : 88m3


Air Cooled Chillers: 3 x 200RT &  1 x 35RT
Hot water boilers : 2 x 1000 Mcal/h


Transformers: 2 x 1600 KVA
Standby Generators: 2 x 400 KVA
UPS: 1 x 100 KVA – 15min