Representative Projects


Municipality of Laconia Administration and Cultural operations building



The two story office building on the National Road Sparta – Ghythion, at a distance of 2,5 Km from Sparta, is intended for the services of the Municipality of Lakonia and includes mainly offices, a multipurpose room, Laboratories, archives as well as all the necessary rooms for assuring a harmonical operation of the building.

The total area of the building is  9.300 m2 . The E/M installations design includes plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, Electrical high and low current installations, lifts, etc.

The main equipment capacity is as follows:

Chiller: 266 RT
Boiler: 2x500 Mcal/h
Fire Fighting Pumping Unit:  85m3/h & 8.0bar
D.H.W. Generator: 1000 lit
Transformer: 800 KVA
Standby Generator:  200 KVA