Representative Projects


Rehabilitation of Children Hospital "Aghia Sophia" in Athens


The renewal and rehabilitation of the old section of the building consisted of the following hospital sections with 8200 m2 total area:

Operating theatres
Intensive care unit
Neonatal clinic
Section of urgent incidents
Section of external clinics
4 nursing units of 3rd and 5th floor
Extension of Main Electrical substation
New building of Electromechanical Installations
New building of Medical Gases

All electromechanical installations have been prepared to a level of detailed design. Afterwards, the rest of the hospital nursing units have been renewed, of 3850 m2 total area, for the following rehabilitated sections of the Hospital:

3rd floor Ear-Nose–Throat clinic
4th floor Pediatric clinics of 2 x 39 beds
6th floor University clinics of 2 x 39 beds

Main equipment capacity:


2 Domestic Hot Water  Generators with steam 3000 lt each
Water softener 7 m3/h

2 Air Cooled Chillers 260 RT each
2 Heat Exchangers steam - to - water 850 Mcal/h each
1 Heat Exchangers steam - to - water 430 Mcal/h
Above heat exchangers are supplied with steam by two existing steam Boilers of 10 ton/h at 12 bar each


Power increase of existing substation by installing a third transformer of 1600 KVA and a standby generator of 500 KVA
UPS 60 KVA - 180 min

Medical Gases:

1 tank of liquid O2 20.000 Lt and 4 groups of 12 bottles O2
2 air producers 100 m3/h each

 Ν2Ο Center:

20 bottles Ν2Ο

Ν2 Center:

1 tank of liquid Ν2 12.000 Lt
1 tank of liquid Ν2 1500 Lt
4 groups of 12 bottles Ν2
2 air producers 100 m3/h each

Vacuum center:

4 vacuum tanks  5500 Lt each
3 vacuum pumps 400 m3/h each

Medical use compressed air center:

2 Airtanks 2750 Lt each
3 Air compressors 5500 Lt/min each